At the heart of Passoni is our experience, expertise and passion for crafting custom bikes. Over the decades we consistently delivered exceptional bikes to all corners of the world to a diverse range of people. Our obsessive attention to detail and commitment to quality resonates deeply with our clients and enables us to maintain the highest of standards. Our Made-to-Measure bikes truly epitomise our approach to bike building. We’ve developed a core range of frames to suit all types of riders and we provide a unparalled level of customisation that customisation to enables you to have a Passoni your way. 

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A beautifully simple process

We believe in the beauty of simplicity. By constantly analysing, evolving and refining we aim craft exceptional bikes and deliver an unprecedented level of service. Over the decades we have applied this methodology to our Made-to-Measure process.

Picking the perfect Passoni

We aim to create a bike that will last a lifetime. In order to do this we start the process by suggesting the best frame for your needs.

Refining the details

Our configurator enables you to build your dream bike. We enable you to refine all aspects of the configuration until you are completely statisfied.

Confirming the build 

Once completed, your configuration will be handled by the Passoni team. We confirm details, take a deposit and begin the build.

Following your build

We’ll keep you updated on the build process at all the vital stages. We’ll send you images and videos of the welding, painting and finishing.

Completing the build

When the build is complete we will contact you to take the final payment. Once received we’ll arrange shipping or collection of your new Passoni.

First miles, beaming smiles

The process of owning a Passoni really begins once you clip in and roll out. Our bikes are made to be ridden and experienced out on the road.

Picking the perfect Passoni

Our Made-to-Measure bikes are based on a collection of 7 core models. Each model can be customised with an endless amount of combinations, creating a bike that is truly bespoke to you.

  • Urban
  • Road
  • Off-road
  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Carbon
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbo-Titanium
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Titanio Classica Titanio Classica
Titanio Classica XXTi Disco
Titanio Classica Titanio Disco
Titanio Classica Inossidabile
Titanio Classica Cicloprato
Titanio Classica Titanio
Titanio Classica Fidia Disco
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Titanio Classica Titanio Classica

A timeless silhouette rendered in the most durable of materials. Our Titanio Classica is a testament to the skills we’ve honed over 32 years creating titanium bicycles. Using traditional profile tubing and well-proven standards, it’s a bike made for a lifetime of cycling enjoyment.

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XXTi Disco XXTi Disco

Two incomparable materials united to create a racing bicycle without limits. Mixing titanium and carbon fibre, the XXTi Disco employs the latest groupset and axle standards. Beginning life as a complete frame, the inclusion of its carbon seatmast calls on all the expertise of our artisan fabricators.

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Titanio Disco Titanio Disco

A bike made to elicit the utmost from its rider. Our race-focused Titanio Disco provides a finely balanced mix of speed and control. With disc brakes and oversized tubing, it’s been created to thrive in the most testing road racing scenarios.

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Inossidabile Inossidabile

A racing bike with a steel soul. The construction of our stainless Inossidabile requires incredible skill on the part of our artisan builders. Resulting in a bike with a character as unyielding as the material from which it’s forged, its lustrous finish will remain undimmed throughout its lifespan.

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Cicloprato Cicloprato

To the end of the road and far beyond. Our multi-talented Cicloprato challenges you to find adventure wherever you go. Capable of hauling your luggage along for the ride, low weight and sharp handling bring it alive regardless of the surface beneath its tyres.

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Titanio Titanio

Created without compromise. The Titanio is a racing bike that shows why titanium remains unmatched in performance. Applying traditional calliper brakes to a hyper-modern frame, its low weight and instinctive handling will help you find your way to the front of any event.

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Fidia Disco Fidia Disco

A carbon frame with a titanium heart. The unique construction of the Fidia Disco weaves together cycling’s two most coveted materials for an incomparable ride. Unlike any other bicycle, our made-to-measure service can further tailor this most uncommon racing bicycle to your desires.

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